Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Welcome: AJAX Feed API Playground

Welcome to the AJAX Feed API Playground blog. We created this blog as a playground area to demonstrate some simple ways of incorporating the AJAX Feed API into your blog. We have just started playing around here but if you look close you will notice three nice uses of the Feed API.
  • In the right hand sidebar we have a simple Blog Roll. This is based on the sidebar.html sample which itself is only a few lines of code wrapping google.feeds.FeedControl.
  • At the bottom of the page, notice the TuneBar, which in this case is programmed to show hot new releases and top albums available on iTunes.
  • In the upper right, notice our cool Slide Show control. This thing will display photos from any feed containing Media RSS extensions.
For those of you willing to roll up your sleeves and hack a template, all of this is pretty easy. For everyone else, hang tight. We will write wizards and page elements for these three components that let anyone add these to their blog with just a few clicks.